• Turf is sold in a 15’ width x any length up to 100’ per roll.
  • All materials are available for next day pick up. There are no length minimum and free curbside delivery is available to the Chicago area on turf 15 x 20’ or larger. There is a $95 delivery charge for base material (gravel). All additional materials will be delivered along with turf in most instances on the same vehicle.
  • Nationwide shipping will be calculated with a lowest cost commercial carrier and added to total.
  • Payment is processed upon pickup or prior to preparing product(s) for delivery. Above price quote does not include sales tax. Sales tax is not included on out of state sales but is 10.25% on in state sales.
  • Once the below information is submitted a copy will be sent to us and sent to you. We will be in touch via phone or email once we review your order.

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The Edgewater

$2.49 sq/ft

The Edgewater


The Lakeview

$2.49 sq/ft

The Lakeview


The Bronzeville

$2.79 sq/ft

The Bronzeville


The Ravenswood

$2.59 sq/ft

The Ravenswood


The Gold Coast

$2.89 sq/ft

The Gold Coast


The Streeterville

$1.99 sq/ft

The Streeterville

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Delivery or Pick Up?



Power Broom

$799.95 Each

Okay so there are several versions of this broom. One has rubber paddles and is great for clean up, one has bristles and is great for infilling and brushing artificial grass. We have both. The bristle brush brooms (pictured) typically also include a wheel kit (not pictured, +$120) and are a little more complicated, custom built by Stihl for us and then once in our possession we reverse the direction of the broom rotation, modify the size of the plastic fender and then add steel bracing for better overall integrity. Once built, it’s great tool for infilling, brushing and general maintenance of artificial grass. This power tool really helps move the blades of artificial grass into a vertical state allowing the grass to stand-up better and look more life-like.

Flat Head Shovel

$29.95 per shovel

This is a size 2 flat head shovel, 44" with wood handle. Great for moving materials such as sand, dirt or gravel. Not so great for digging, you will need a spade shovel for that. It is what it is!

Landscape Rake

$69.95 Each

Used for preparing aggregate turf bases for compaction. Head Size: 36". This is a great tool to really dial in that artificial turf substrate.

Turf U Pins

$0.11 ea.

Heavy duty pins, made with 11 gauge steel and these bad boys are 6" long. These make for a great way to put seams together or to add integrity to seams when combined with seam tape + glue. They also work great for turf repairs or pinning the turf around the perimeter of wherever you are installing (over a gravel prepared substrate). They are what they are, and to us they are pretty darn exciting.

Window Film for Turf

$299.95 Ea.

5’ x 54” in size, Turf Guard Window Film protects your artificial turf, natural grass, and vinyl siding by reducing the sun’s damaging reflection off of your home or business’s windows. Turf Guard Window Film is an exterior applied perforated window film that is guaranteed to stop the melting of artificial turf, vinyl siding, natural grass, etc from window reflections. Turf Guard is a screen film so you are able to see out your windows (similar to looking through a bug screen) Clear allows for the best visibility out and allows the most natural light in. Turf Guard is a perforated film, which means it has holes in it much like a bug screen. The holes allow for partial visibility out and also make for an easy installation as air is unlikely to be trapped, like it can be in traditional window film.

Turf Dolly

$389.95 Each

This makes moving turf once it’s at your location a whole lot easier. The thing about artificial grass is can be kind of a logistic nightmare depending on how big that roll you need is. Super heavy/long rolls complimented by virtually no leverage to get ahold of it to make move it around a little challenging. If you have one of these guys, the turf can be off loaded onto the dolly and then it’s a two person push/pull balancing act from there. Load capacity: 500lbs, 25” platform width, 19.5” platform height, pneumatic caster wheels on a steel frame. Lets roll !

Putting Green Cups

$59.95 Each

We have plastic cups and metal cups. 8” height, 5” diameter. Metal are better for backyards where the cup is being installed into a prepared substrate. Plastic cups are better typically when integrating with a roof deck as a base for a putting green. The sticks are 30” and the flag color options are white, red, blue, green, yellow, and pink. Just kidding, we don’t have any pink flags. Call, text/email with questions. Fore!


$169.95 ea.

After analyzing virtually all artificial turf cleaning products on the market, Wysi-Wash is our favorite. This package system comes with a spray nozzle and a bucket of 9 pellets. Each pellet lasts about 3.5 hours of continuous spraying so this kit contains product to last you quite a long time. Insert the pellet into the spray system and wha la! It’s the best system on the market for cleaning your artificial turf, kind of a must have for artificial turf used for areas where those dogs get down to all that dog business that they conduct on the daily. It’s pretty strong stuff, so be a little careful spraying on anything metal or potentially corrosive, but it might just be what your artificial turf needs. So in summary: • It’s an easy and effective way to disinfect animal care facilities • It accurately delivers USDA approved levels of active chlorine • Wysi Wash is very effective against a wide range of pathogens including Canine Parvovirus • This product is biodegradable and safe for the environment

Wysi-Wash Replacement Pellets

$46.95 per bucket of 9 pellets

So this is a replacement bucket of 9 replacement pellets for your Wysi-Wash turf cleaning system. Qty 9, got it? Lets do some math! Each pellet gives you about 3.5 hours of spray time. So this bucket will give you 31.5 hours of continuous turf spraying. Nice. So then lets say you have a 500 sq/ft yard and you might spend an average of 15 minutes of Wysi spraying each week for 2/3rds of the year here in the Midwest. In this instance you would run through about 8.6 pellets (per year).

Turf Kicker

$129.95 Each

This is a great must have tool for stretching turf while installing. The Roberts Adjustable Knee Turf Kicker is engineered with extra heavy aluminum castings and industrial grade steel to provide rugged strength and durability. This commercial grade turf stretcher features double locking pins to easily adjust the length from 19 In. to 23”. The high contour neck is specifically designed for pulling artificial grass tight over substrate. Steel teeth are retractible with a twist of the dial.

25' Tape Measure

$18.95 Each

25 foot x 1.25 inch tape rule with belt clip. It’s easy to read and lockable. You can find these pretty much anywhere and we happen to have them available too.

Turf Broom

$34.95 Each

This turf broom has stiff bristles make it perfect for preparing bases and rejuvenating turf fibers. Features include lock technology and anti-rotation socket so broom head never comes loose.

Galvanized Turf Spikes

$0.25 Per 6" galvanized spike

6" galvanized turf spikes.

Base Panels

$18.95 Each

Install turf anywhere you’d like without limitations. These panels add surface integrity over a prepared gravel base or can be added as a stand alone substrate in place of a custom prepared base. Great for putting greens and for roof decks where synthetic turf is desired but no deck is in place leaving only the roofing membrane to start with. Very permeable, non absorbent. Over/under locking feature. Shock pad, carries a great GMAX add built in . Each interlocking panel is 28”x28”x.75”. (the connecting “teeth” make these panels but they are 5.44 sq/ft each once installed)

Seam Tape

$0.75 Per Linear Foot

Got seam tape? Well we have plenty if you need it. Seam tape is sold by the linear foot and is 12 inches wide.

Finishing Nails

$0.08 Per Nail

4" finishing nails. These come in really handy when you're trying to stretch that Edgewater putting green turf over a prepared base. These will keep the green secured to the substrate and will allow you to stretch it out as needed.

Turf Spike Hammer

$5 Each

This is a conventional hammer. These come in handy to sink the 6" turf spikes as needed.

Seam Glue

$9.95 Each

Polyurethane glue used for seaming. Large tube, 28 fluid ounces works with applicator tool. This is not conventional turf seam adhesive but is easier to apply using the seam glue dispenser tool and is a stronger bond.

Seam Glue Dispenser

$19.95 Each

Seam Glue Dispenser

Turf Cutter

$12.95 Each

They call this a box cutter, we call this a turf cutter. This is great a great tool for cutting turf, it comes with 5 extra blades.

Turf Scissors

$9.95 Each

These are great 8" turf scissors, good for trimming turf at the edges of perimeter as well as point of connection at seams.

25 Year Weed Barrier

$0.45 Per Linear Foot

This roll is 4' wide and is sold by the linear foot.

35 mm Base Pads (3' x 7.4' x 1.379")

$59.95 Per 3' x 7.4' (35mm thick) Pad

22.2 sq/ft per panel. Each turf pad is a closed-cell, cross-linked, polyethylene (PE) shock pad. It's closed cell structure means it does not absorb moisture. The cross-linking produces a three-dimensional bond between the molecules providing: -High degree of stiffness -High resistance to temperature and temperature changes (= better dimensional stability than other products!) -High chemical resistance Our shockpads also have a polyester (PET) geotextile mechanically bonded to one side. These characteristics make the product an excellent choice for playgrounds & fields (and have become very popular for indoor sports arenas). When installed, shock pad with artificial grass and infill can provide critical impact ratings up to a 12' fall height. The

Drainage Base Panels

$13.95 Per Drainage Panel

These 31” x 31” interlocking drain panels raise the entire profile 1” off the subbase and brings gravity into play. They have a 92% air-void provides fast and easy water removal. They are a 100% recycled copolymer which has the impact modifier “metallocene” added to it for qualification as a “No Break” plastic, making it able to withstand extreme heat and cold and still maintain performance. Each panel has quick snap connectors allows for effortless installation. They require minimal site disturbance, excavation and disposal.

Hand Tamper

$44.95 Each

This is a great tool for compacting base aggregate material in small spaces.

2 x 4 Treated Wood Framing

$5.95 Per 8' Linear Feet

2x4x8' wood framing. it's used as an underlayment in some cases for installing turf. This will be provided in 2 x 4 x 8' lengths and is available for local pickup or local delivery only.

Mending Plates

$4.95 Each

Steel mending plates. These can be used to connect 2x4 framing.

Infill Sand

$3.95 Per Bag

50 lb bag of washed infill sand. This product is available for local pickup or local delivery only.

Ca8 Base Gravel

$55 Per Ton

Base material gravel + $75 delivery. This is available for pickup or local delivery only. $165 delivery fee applies, up to 5 tons can be delivered per load.

Top Soil

$0 Free

Free Topsoil. We typically have between 1 yard to 12 yards of local dirt that is available anytime for pick up free of charge, dropped off on location by landscape contractors. We have machines on site that can load your pick up truck or dump truck on a pre scheduled arrival or just stop by 4042 S. Michigan and go around back at your convenience. Local delivery is also available for a $95 delivery fee.