1) Does Chi Turf install artificial turf?

2) Does Chi Turf Provide Installation Training?

3) How does artificial grass from Chi Turf compare with artificial grass sold at the big box retailers?

4) How does artificial grass from Chi Turf compare with artificial grass sold from other nationwide manufacturer direct wholesalers?

5) I found a cheaper price on turf elsewhere, can you match or beat that price?

6) How do you pronounce Chi Turf and what is the overall goal

7) I wanna place an order, should I call 630.805.3800 or use the online order form @ ChiTurf.com

8) Can I sign up for a contractor account?

9) I have a business and a tax ID number, do I have to pay sales tax?

10) I’m having the product shipped to Ohio are you adding sales tax?

11) I’m a builder in Illinois, how can I qualify to be sales tax exempt?

12) Does ChiTurf Artificial Grass get hot in the sun?

13) Where are the social media icons on the website

14) Where can I see turf samples

15) Why does the real grass in front of the Chi Turf warehouse look so terrible?

16) Where do Chi Turf products come from?

17) Where is the token ChiTurf celebrity spokesperson fella

18) Does Chi Turf sell through any 3rd party re-sellers

19) What else does CHI Turf stock and supply

20) How is the turf sold?

21) Is everything you stock available for delivery?

22) What type of warranty does Chi Turf have?

23) How much does turf installation cost?

24) Can you cut a custom size for me from a 15’ width product?

25) How heavy is a full roll of turf and can you deliver it

26) Do you rent equipment for turf installation?

27) What does free delivery entail?

28) What is Chi Turf made of?

29) Will you deliver turf smaller than 15 x 20’

30) Is it safe

31) Is it tested

32) How can I pick up product?

33) Do you carry antimicrobial infill material

34) Do you deliver base material?

35) Is Chi Turf open to the public

36) How much base material can be delivered?

37) Do you sell Synthetic Grass, Artificial Turf or Artificial Grass

38) Do you accept dirt excavated for turf installation?

39) Do you have a showroom?

40) Do you have a bathroom at the warehouse

41) Do you pick up sod, dirt or landscape waste on location?

42) Where are you located and what are your hours of operation

43) How can I see samples?

44) How do we buy Chi Turf product(s)?

45) How can I make payment?

46) I have a question that I don't see the answer to here, where do I find it?